Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Check oracle number of connections

To check max number of connections that is allowed for an Oracle database (

'Currently, '
|| ' out of '
|| ' connections are used.' AS USAGE_MESSAGE
WHERE VP.NAME = 'sessions'

To monitor number of connections in Oracle (

SELECT s.username AS username,
    WHEN grouping(s.machine) = 1
    THEN '**** All Machines ****'
    ELSE s.machine
  END)     AS machine,
  COUNT(*) AS session_count
FROM v$session s,
  v$process p
WHERE s.paddr   = p.addr
AND s.username IS NOT NULL
GROUP BY rollup (s.username, s.machine)
ORDER BY s.username,

To see what SQL users are running on the Oracle database (thanks to$session.htm):

SELECT a.sid,
FROM v$session a,
  v$sqlarea b
WHERE a.sql_address=b.address;

To see what sessions are blocking other sessions (thanks to$session.htm):

SELECT blocking_session,
FROM v$session
WHERE blocking_session IS NOT NULL
ORDER BY blocking_session;

And finally, when "bad" sessions are found, we can kill them using (


Another good queries from

This one shows SQL that is currently "ACTIVE"

select S.USERNAME, s.sid, s.osuser, t.sql_id, sql_text
from v$sqltext_with_newlines t,V$SESSION s
where t.address =s.sql_address
and t.hash_value = s.sql_hash_value
and s.status = 'ACTIVE'
and s.username <> 'SYSTEM'
order by s.sid,t.piece

This shows locks

  type,   -- Type or system/user lock
  lmode,     -- lock mode in which session holds lock
  ctime   -- Time since current mode was granted
  v$locked_object, all_objects, v$lock
  v$locked_object.object_id = all_objects.object_id AND
  v$lock.id1 = all_objects.object_id AND
  v$lock.sid = v$locked_object.session_id
order by
  session_id, ctime desc, object_name

This is a good one for finding long operations (e.g. full table scans). If it is because of lots of short operations, nothing will show up.

COLUMN percent FORMAT 999.99 

SELECT sid, to_char(start_time,'hh24:mi:ss') stime, 
message,( sofar/totalwork)* 100 percent 
FROM v$session_longops
WHERE sofar/totalwork < 1

To be continued... More documentation can be found at:


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